Houston Pet Boarding Services

Our facility offers indoor air conditioned runs with connecting outdoor units. These units are approximately 5 feet wide and with indoor/outdoor connecting units that measure 22 feet long. We have the flexibility to modify indoor kennels to accommodate several dogs belonging to the same family. In addition we have recently opened an area a little over 1/4 of an acre and installed a PLAY PARK available to boarders, both Doggie Day boarders and regular boarders. This facility is also available for use at NO CHARGE for our clients and their friends. Please obtain Play Park rules available in the office.

In addition to our indoor/outdoor dog kennels we offer the following boarding options:


Boarding Rates

All pets MUST have current annual vaccination records signed by a veterinarian. Please read our Vaccination Requirements.

Prices for overnight boarding are as follows: (list weight/cost prices):

  • Cats, in individual roomettes..... $12.95 per day
  • Cats, in individual cages..... $10.95 per day
  • Dogs, up to 20 pounds..... $12.95 per day
  • Dogs, up to 40 pounds..... $14.95 per day
  • Dogs, up to 60 pounds..... $16.95 per day

Our "NO FLEAS, PLEASE" policy requires that all pets accepted for boarding be free of fleas, ticks, and external parasites. A charge for bathing & dipping will be made for non-compliance. You will be advised of cost when leaving your pet if this service is necessary.


*Checkout time:
2PM on departure date if no bathing or grooming is required.
6PM on departure date if bathing or grooming is requested.

Long Term Boarding
Alpha K-9 Long Term Boarding Service

For a variety of reasons, such as relocation, a new home not ready on time, you can be in a position that requires long term pet boarding. Alpha K9 Pet Services provides the next best thing to your pet being at home. Long term boarders are provided with FREE playtime daily in our huge Play Park area. Personal play times and plenty of TLC assure your pet's needs for human companionship are met. Indoors, your pet has his or her own kennel with a comfortable blanket and water available all day.

Please call for complete information and rates. We have kept dogs at our facility for over a year and owners have been pleased with the care and attention given their pals.

Geriatric Care

Our years of being in this business have taught us many "real life" facts, especially when caring for our own pets as they grew older. Our very first pet at this location was named "Brown Dog" and he managed to stay around well after he was 10 years old. He joined us when we traveled with a circus. We tried to find an owner, but the manager of the fairgrounds said he had been around for several weeks. When we left he said "Brown Dog" could join the show, so he became a trouper. All the family was very upset when he died and we gave him a burial in the back part of our property. Next came "Wiffi", a beautiful, tiny white poodle. She came as a little puppy and we groomed her for over three years. Her owners were moving to England and did not want to put her through six months of quarantine before entering the country. "Wiffi" lived to be 16 years old and is buried under the big oak tree on the north property line in front of the office and grooming building. There have been others, large, medium and small. It is one of the "perks", shall we say, of being in the business of caring for pets and owning a kennel. The boarding and care of all geriatric pets is always of great concern to a kennel owner. We understand how pet owners feel about their old friends. We've been down the same road.

Being away from home is more stressful for older pets; however, if they have been boarded at the same kennel over the years, it is much easier for them when seeing familiar people. Many owners tell us all they have to say is "let's go see Patty", our kennel manager, and they are ready to go. In addition to their age, health problems, blindness and hearing can cause additional stress. Our newly opened Holidog Inn Suites were especially designed with older pets in mind. The suites are located in a building away from the general kennel area. Music and TV viewing is available and human company is in the same building throughout the day. A visit will convince you it's the place for that "special" senior pal of yours. SPECIAL RATES APPLY depending upon length of stay. If your pet should require emergency care, Dr. Rebecca Hudson, who operated a veterinary clinic with us for several years, is always on 24 hour call. We are also prepared to transport your pet to a facility of your choice should the need arise.

Cat Boarding
Alpha K-9 Cat Boarding

In addition to our dog kennels, we have a separate unit "Garfield's Red Barn Retreat", especially designed for our feline visitors. Cat boarding features "walk in size" roomettes, with a window for an outdoor view and several carpeted shelves. The quiet and solitude is very relaxing and our visitors are not annoyed by barking that occurs in "mixed company" buildings.


Small Exotics, Reptiles and Bird Boarding

Exotic Pets and other small animal boarding

Call us for boarding rates.